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about us

Our History

From amateur to professional designer that’s what we do at DFI. We turn dreams to reality and help project your reality into present actions that make rooms for your future. People calls us Fashion House, Institute, Designer and African Culture. We are many faces to different people and have stayed true to our names over the years.
At DFI you can be sure you will be transformed from a tailor, to a designer, from a designer to a brand, from a brand to a culture. Our training is designed to help you turn your skills to money and make you the best designer with the best brand in Africa.
DFi Teachers are the best of designers in the industry. They are familiar with current trend in Africa and around the world. They don’t just train you, they teach you how designers make money with what they love to do. Our processes, attention to details, passion for style and creativity help us build designers for the future.
Some of our students are name brands and designers who design for Governors, House of Representatives, Senators and the Presidents.
Don’t just read, call us today and you will be convinced that we are the place that connect you the future of fashion.

Our Mission

We are here to turn Africa to fashion power house

our Instructors

Michael King

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Katherin Tresa

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Steven Monroe

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Khamok Mokai

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